// Raymond & Laura by Melissa Jane Ferrell

The southwest has welcomed us with open arms. I am amazed everyday at the grand and speculator open spaces Sedona seems so far from Oregon I feel as though I might as well be living on a different planet.

››› But, Everything is red & rad. 

I am very much a fan of geographically specific art. I am fascinated by how rooted people are in their location and how a piece of art can represent that relationship so beautifullyIn Scotland, the native people gathered materials from their land and dyed wool thread which they then wove into a specific pattern to represent their clan. These tartans acted as a visual representation of the people & their location on the isle. The Native Indians here have similar art in their history. Both the labor and the materials binding them to their homeland. 

Photographing people in the Southwest has given me so much inspiration. Now that I travel so much for work I cherish each event as a piece of geographic art. These photos are no exception, Ray & Laura and their love are in Sedona, now and forever on film. 


// 9 months by Melissa Jane Ferrell

The time has come! Our precious little Fae is due any day now. 

I will not be taking on any projects or clients for the next two months. I will only be checking my e-mail occasionally so I might take a little longer to respond but I promise I will get back to you!

Cheers and have a wonderful rest of the year! xoxoxox

Geoff & Katie // Mt Pisgah Wedding in Eugene, Oregon by Melissa Jane Ferrell

Authenticity pours out of love like nothing else. That warmth & tingling makes you feel more present than ever, like the first time you heard Susan Boyle and you couldn't help but tear up. In that moment you were super uncool & you didn't care.  

Katie & Geoff have been together 10 years. I'm sure that feeling has come up more than a few times. 

››› It really is lucky to be in love

Count your blessings and focus on those authentic moments of truth. And be thankful that you and your partner didn't have to strategically & meticulously plan to study abroad in Australia at the same time just so you could be together!