// 9 months by Melissa Jane Ferrell

The time has come! Our precious little Fae is due any day now. 

I will not be taking on any projects or clients for the next two months. I will only be checking my e-mail occasionally so I might take a little longer to respond but I promise I will get back to you!

Cheers and have a wonderful rest of the year! xoxoxox

Geoff & Katie // Mt Pisgah Wedding in Eugene, Oregon by Melissa Jane Ferrell

Authenticity pours out of love like nothing else. That warmth & tingling makes you feel more present than ever, like the first time you heard Susan Boyle and you couldn't help but tear up. In that moment you were super uncool & you didn't care.  

Katie & Geoff have been together 10 years. I'm sure that feeling has come up more than a few times. 

››› It really is lucky to be in love

Count your blessings and focus on those authentic moments of truth. And be thankful that you and your partner didn't have to strategically & meticulously plan to study abroad in Australia at the same time just so you could be together! 


Josh & Sarah // Along Came Trudy Wedding by Melissa Jane Ferrell

››› Being a wedding photographer is always a pleasure, but photographing a friend's wedding is a gift. Sharing a day through ›art‹ is such a special way to be a part of people's lives, and when you already know the couple is crazy-rad it's just a major perk! 

When I shoot a wedding, all I do is pray that I am able to capture what the couple's real love looks like, it has nothing to with me or what I want. The camera documents truth & Sarah & Josh made it beautiful. They are so in love & so together it almost felt like I was photographing a vow renewal. They were the definition of laid back on comfortable; already knew each other's ways like they'd been studying their whole life. 

Real friends, real people, real memories. Real love.

// Oregon Coast Elopement by Melissa Jane Ferrell

// Usually after I shoot I know the exact handful of photos I absolutely cannot wait to edit and fawn over. Yesterday's elopement was a little different.. I'm completely tongue tied and completely in love with all the images and want to publish them immediately. So after 8 hours of traveling coming off of shooting a double header, I picked one at random because I really just couldn't wait until tomorrow. 



Flowers // Passionflower Design

Photography // Jane in the Woods

// Eugene Weddings Magazine Cover by Melissa Jane Ferrell

››› I was just going about my day workin' when a full box of Eugene Wedding's Magazine was put into my hands. Time stood still and I was completely frozen while simultaneously unable to control myself. Shaking my hands like crazy and tearing up I was honored. 

Ben & Christel were a really special couple & seeing their love grace the pages of a publication was wonderful. Cheers to a full life!

// Additionally, I also had the pleasure of contributing to the magazine as a wedding style advisor. Check out that article › here

Or check out Ben & Christel's adorable farmer's market engagement session › here

// Hunter Boots & Magnolias by Melissa Jane Ferrell

My favorite time of the year is any day I get to put on my hunter boots.

››› Next weekend I'm traveling to Oregon to shoot a Portland Wedding & then a costal elopement that I could not be more anxious for. The bride sent me the Pinterest board of her vision and it's so Northwest in all the best ways.  it is truly the greatest gift to be able to make art with people [and wear your hunter boots while making it!] The Northwest fog will be so welcomed after flying out of Phoenix. 

In other news, Sedona is actually an excellent place for growing magnolias and many other kinds of luscious blooms & greens. When I gathered these beauts [below] in the spring it was a little bitter sweet, Oregon is so full of lush greenery that any day is pretty much a good day to forage for a bouquet. So when contemplating moving to Sedona, I was very much looking forward to an intensely epic succulent garden but I figured my house would never be filled with quite as much woodland life. Looks like everything is working out wonderfully.