// Heirloom Albums by Melissa Jane Ferrell

GOODNESS this is gorgeous. 

There is nothing quite like photo in print. In an album. When this showed up to my door it was like Christmas. I passed the babe to the husband and ran outside to greet the delivery man. The slow and careful pace at which I open the box was killing me inside because I wanted to rip it open like when I got a tamagatchi in 5th grade. 

Get ready for some serious eye candy!

Albums are really the lifeblood of a wedding. It is truly a work of art that so many people helped create. A culmination of the most important day of your life & no on wants to review their wedding photos looking at files on a computer screen! It is remarkably special xoxo to this album, I'll be parting with you very soon! 

Yash & Khushali // Some Drama in the Coolest Spot in Sedona by Melissa Jane Ferrell

When I first got word that these two folk [with the two coolest names] wanted some super dramatic Sedona photos for their engagement, I could not have been more excited. Sedona was MADE for drama. My style in the past has tended to be a little more subdued but..

››› When your back yard is older than dinosaurs you naturally crave a little bit of POW in your photos. 

This shoot was a little different for me and I am super happy with this incredibleness & I am excited to keep exploring!