// Oregon Coast Elopement by Melissa Jane Ferrell

// Usually after I shoot I know the exact handful of photos I absolutely cannot wait to edit and fawn over. Yesterday's elopement was a little different.. I'm completely tongue tied and completely in love with all the images and want to publish them immediately. So after 8 hours of traveling coming off of shooting a double header, I picked one at random because I really just couldn't wait until tomorrow. 



Flowers // Passionflower Design

Photography // Jane in the Woods

// Hunter Boots & Magnolias by Melissa Jane Ferrell

My favorite time of the year is any day I get to put on my hunter boots.

››› Next weekend I'm traveling to Oregon to shoot a Portland Wedding & then a costal elopement that I could not be more anxious for. The bride sent me the Pinterest board of her vision and it's so Northwest in all the best ways.  it is truly the greatest gift to be able to make art with people [and wear your hunter boots while making it!] The Northwest fog will be so welcomed after flying out of Phoenix. 

In other news, Sedona is actually an excellent place for growing magnolias and many other kinds of luscious blooms & greens. When I gathered these beauts [below] in the spring it was a little bitter sweet, Oregon is so full of lush greenery that any day is pretty much a good day to forage for a bouquet. So when contemplating moving to Sedona, I was very much looking forward to an intensely epic succulent garden but I figured my house would never be filled with quite as much woodland life. Looks like everything is working out wonderfully. 

Casey & Morghan // Eugene, Oregon Barn Wedding by Melissa Jane Ferrell

Sometimes people are happy & in love. It's a remarkable thing and makes my life wonderful. 

››› This bride was such a treat. Between her stunning red wedding hair, walking down the aisle to Lana Del Rey [what I dream about!] or being just about the sweetest person ever, this day was joy. The wedding took place on their family farm just outside of Eugene in Cheshire, Oregon surrounded by Douglas Fir I just want to immerse myself in forever.

The gentle ease & flow of being a photographer in Oregon is such a reflection of the sweeping landscapes. Everything is so rich and the world feels so full of textures and light. Get ready for some luminous portraits in the trees. 


The bride hand picked every single one of these amazing bridesmaid dresses!

Love in the Woods // Along Came Trudy Wedding by Melissa Jane Ferrell

Rain, rain, rain 

It's never exactly what you hope for your on your wedding day but it always works out, really. It always works out. 

Last weekend was crazy. I caught an early flight to Oregon and started off a double header weekend with a crazy & mighty storm. The superhero venue staff at Along Came Trudy moved everything inside in the blink of an eye and not one thing was ruined, AH-mazing. 

››› Anyway, I'm just here to share a couple highlights because I'm too anxious to hold these shots in. I LOVED so many moments at this wedding, I will be tearing up while I'm editing the full reel. 


// Flora-obsessed by Melissa Jane Ferrell

If you know me at all, you know that my favorite past time is swooning over flowers. 

Have you seen my Florals Pinterest board lately? Days & days...

I love this bouquet in particular because of the accents of citrus, the incorporation of one of my favorite flower, the Juliette garden rose, & this killer red background! Wouldn't it look just stunning against the Sedona red rocks? 

// Headed to the Southwest by Melissa Jane Ferrell

Reilly & I are beyond excited to announce that we have moved to Sedona! 

Moving to Sedona, Arizona while 6 months pregnant has been one of the biggest adventures we've ever embarked on and we have ›› honestly ‹‹ loved every second of it. There are so many wonderful & mind-blowing things ahead and I can't wait to photograph the heck out of it all. 

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I also want to announce that I will be charging into new territory! I will be brining on an associate photographer, traveling more and mostly importantly I will be telling more swoon-worthy love stories in the trees. 

›››  Jane in the Woods Photographie will now be serving many locations on the West Coast: Sedona, Long Beach & Eugene. Those are the three main hubs of service and all wedding collections will included travel to those locations plus two hours driving time around them. If you live far away from Sedona don't be shy! I'll stay with friends, get rides & do everything in my power to keep travel expenses low so that we can can make some fantastic art together.  

// Some Romantic, Eclectic & Bohemian Wedding Film Scans by Melissa Jane Ferrell

A second sneak peek for this wedding, what?! 

I just received the film scans of this day from my ever-so-talented second shooter Brinkley & I › could not wait ‹ to share a couple of them. They are so etherial & eclectic I love them. Wedding days are all about love & art so why not make some crazy good stuff while everyone is all dressed up & happy?! These are the photos you will treasure the rest of your life with your love! ››› Someday your kids will make fun of your clothes and hair but then by the time their kids see them you'll be totally in style again! Having my grandchildren tell me how tots amaze my wedding photos are is definitely something I'm looking forward to. 

On a side note, having a second shooter there on your wedding day really allows for some amazing things to happen. While I'm running around like a a kid at disneyland, a second shooter sees the background noise and usually catches some pretty freaking excellent candid moments on both film and digital formats which makes for so much more art!

I'm a big fan of art & love which makes this pretty much a dream job. 

Also, I want to love on this couple like cray. Married 60 years and they were glowing as much as the bride and groom!

These are the things life is about. 

Casey & Morghan // Sneak Peek by Melissa Jane Ferrell

Oregon Barn Wedding // Jane in the Woods Photographie

Sometimes I just squeal inside ››my brides are so thebomb.com‹‹

Morghan here walked down to the aisle to Lana Del Rey, umm.. yes please! Can we relive that moment over and over again?? I so cannot wait to share this entire wedding but for now here are a couple frames of the 1920's goodness that happened last weekend. 


Oregon Barn Wedding // Jane in the Woods Photographie
Oregon Barn Wedding // Jane in the Woods Photographie
Oregon Barn Wedding // Jane in the Woods Photographie
Oregon Barn Wedding // Jane in the Woods Photographie

// Brianna of Little Arrow by Melissa Jane Ferrell

Brianna of Little Arrow // Jane in the Woods Photographie

››› It's no secret, I'm a big fat fan of flower crowns & when all the stars align something called peony heaven appears. Have you ever seen something so magnificent?! I'd like to wear this everyday please!

I'm thrilled to share these photos of the stunning Brianna of Little Arrow Stationary! She is a visionary and I'm thankful to call her a friend. A real girl with raw talent. Watching someone dream up their life and create it around them is the ultimate inspiration, it fills me up to the brim with hope & makes my heart happy. 

Enjoy! xoxox


Brianna of Little Arrow // Jane in the Woods Photographie
Brianna of Little Arrow // Jane in the Woods Photographie
Brianna of Little Arrow // Jane in the Woods Photographie
Brianna of Little Arrow // Jane in the Woods Photographie
Brianna of Little Arrow // Jane in the Woods Photographie