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sedona wedding flowers || bohemian florist photos

I had some fun with flowers this past weekend & wanted to share! How stunning would this woodland style braid be at a wedding!? I love how green compliments the red rocks [& my hair in this case! haha] in Sedona.

Now that Jane in the Woods is also offering floral design for intimate events I am thrilled be able to be in nature more & work the art & design part of my brain in a different way. Cheers to being a photographer & florist!

sedona wedding flowers || bohemian floristmarcusalissa-472sedona wedding flowers || bohemian floristmarcusalissa-480sedona wedding flowers || bohemian florist photos


I have been overwhelmingly caught off guard at how amazing it is to have a team growing around me. 

I always knew that the most fulfilling part of my work was the time spent & the moments caught with the couples who hire me –  I didn’t realize that sharing the vision with a community would help bring it to life even more.

Today I am introducing you to Jane in the Woods’ associate Jayde. As a fellow red head she is pretty epic at chasing adventure & you can always fins her catching the most amazing glowing twilight.


With 6 years of training as a professional photographer, she really knows her stuff in a lighthearted super-pro kind of way. Not only that, but she is compassionate. Her calm sense of direction will overflow the moment with ease.

Jayde is available for ›Associate Wedding Collections‹ more on that pricing here.


These photos were taken at the incredible Cathedral Rock in Sedona [& the weather was perfection btw] & edited using VSCO in Lightroom.

peony - jane in the woods



This is an incredible moment for Jane in the Woods & it is blowing my mind. 

Meet the team! Yeah, team, as in there are now three photographers [ & in case you are curious, we are rocking out hard] This business has grown so much over the last year it has become its own entity, [not just a solopernuer’s art project] its own brand & its own force of nature.

Jane in the Woods Photography is humbled & honored to offer three primary photographers at two different price points for weddings here in Sedona, all of Arizona & destinations worldwide.

The new girls, are truly killing it behind the lens. They are so phenomenal & I am lucky to be offering their services.

Just a short time ago, I was 100% against ever taking on associates because this company & the work resulting was so personally intertwined with my own artistic sensibility. I actually just didn’t think it was a possible route for an artist. I had decided it [always] would be a solo endeavor. However, the more I started shooting, I realized one of the most important aspects of my brand was the dedication to being creative in nature.  My own personal love for the outdoors combine with my couple’s true passion for adventure & soaking up the earth was what made the experience so incredible. Once I nailed that, I realized that Jane in the Woods could easily reach more rad bohemians than ever before & as for the new Jane in the Woods girls, simply put, they are on the same exact page.

› I’ll be posting more about them & their impressive portfolios soon so be on the lookout ‹

If you are interested in booking a session with them, head over to the info page to find out more & then send us a quick note!

jane in the woods - tree ring

›I am so excited to be here today relieving my new branding design‹

Corina Nika [cocorrina] is a visionary! I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I first e-mail her & figured she wouldn’t take me on as a client because my style is so bohemian organic & she is so fabulously minimal & elegant. However… I was jumping for joy when I found out she was excited to work with me! [I could go & on about how extraordinarily amazing she is to work with.. I’m sure she is one of the top designers in the world right now]

This has been a monumental year for my business [& life!] I’ve watched my little girl grow up & turn 1, my family made the leap to full-time artistry, I have an extra snazzy new website & I have a killer brand that I cannot wait to grow. Thank you to everyone for all the love & support, I feel so smitten with life xoxox

Hope you enjoy all these pieces I’m sharing today, they have a part of my heart.



& here is the original moodboard…


Extra thank you to Corina! She is stellar

peony - jane in the woods