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Reilly & I were wandering around Scottsdale getting our favorite coffee [Cartel] & favorite eats [Chop Shop] & we found a rad old book store full of tons of really old editions with the coolest covers you’ve ever seen. And then.. I found it…

Jane in the Woods || Scottsdale Photographer

Never did I think I would find a book that was ›so me‹ I would have thought that I wrote it.

As it turns out, Cactus & Pine is just that. Written by the Arizona adventurer & explorer Sharlot M. Hall. [i.e. my new personal hero] Born in 1870 she was first lady to hold office in the Arizona Territory government & her personal collection of photographs and artifacts served as the starting collection for a history museum which bears her name. Can’t wait to go to Prescott & see all the she was up to!

Looks like we have a lot in common, I think we would have been great friends. 

Jane in the Woods || Scottsdale Wedding PhotographerJane in the Woods || Scottsdale Wedding PhotographerJane in the Woods || Scottsdale Wedding Photographer

This book was found in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona & photographed in my front yard in Sedona, Arizona [ N 33° 29′ 49.8368″ +W 111° 55′ 36.2719″

jane in the woods - tree ring



Jane in the Woods || Ashland Wedding Photographer

›Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary‹ I love all the love at other weddings so hard because the memories are all so fresh in my mind. Huzzah!

We are in Southern Oregon today [after we traveled from Sedona to Portland to shoot a wedding] to visit my in-laws & show off the babe. Their 48th wedding anniversary is tomorrow! I found these extra sweet & totally adorable photos of their elopement. Check out how rad these are!! The colors are so dreamy.

I love that vintage look, I always aim to shoot with an older-eye. A more artistic, peaceful & authentic eye.

Jane in the Woods || Ashland Wedding Photographer

These two were married on August 5th, 1967 [the summer of love] at Pacific Grove in Monterey, California. She said she wore orange because it was THE color to the wear that year & she carried her grandmother’s handkerchief.


These photos were shot in Medford, Oregon [N42° 19′ 15.262″ + W122° 52′ 25.439″] with a Canon 5D MIII + Canon f/1.2L & edited in Lightroom with VSCO Fuji400H

peony - jane in the woods

I hope everyone is doing well on this fine Friday!

It’s been a busy week here. I just got back from Denver, am visiting my family vacationing in Prescott, & Reilly, Fae & I are flying out to Portland on Saturday! It has been a whirlwind of traveling and I am doing so much more in the upcoming months.

Crazy + Awesome!

›Traveling is so important to our family‹ We are real adventure-seekers at heart.


I also wanted to take this moment of down time to share a super extra-special gift my bride & now friend Kali sent me! [Check out her swoon-worthy Oregon coast elopement here]

She & her man actually secretly eloped! As in, they told no one & then they sent out this extra sweet announcement tied up with a PCNW fern. So honored to have received one myself. 

& thank you to all my clients who share what they do with their photos. I absolutely love seeing what they become in your life. The little artifacts from your wedding are precious memories you will treasure your whole life.

These photos were shot in the woods in Prescott, Arizona [N 34° 32′ 22.7457″ +W 112° 28′ 3.8196″] with a Canon 5D  + Canon f/1.8 50mm & edited with VSCO Fuji400H

jane in the woods - tree ring

When I first sat down in photography 101 as a dedicated nutrition student looking for an easy elective, I filled out the intake questionnaire as such:

What is you favorite thing to photograph? Trees

What is your least favorite thing to photograph? People. People ruin photos  

What a silly thought. [I remember my teacher laughed] When I think back to that moment I remember what I was referring to, I hated when random tourists interrupted my perfectly composed vacation shot. [I was very seriously creating important art #imverybusy]

Traveling is where I first discovered my love for photography. I was in Iceland & the sun was out 24 hours a day & the entire country was literally our playground & I found that I was preferring to stay inside and obsessively cull, edit & post glorious moss covered landscapes than anything else. I should have taken that as a clue to what I would be doing every day for the rest of my life… & now here I am doing it all over the best land in the world!

So back to portraits. Now that I can masterfully avoid background distractions [tourists] & can get rid of anything I want in Photoshop, an environmental portrait is in my option the best kind of memory. Just you simply blended with your land & location. Whether it’s on the most important day of your life or not, it’s significant. Very significant. What memories are you leaving behind for the next generations? Are they ever going to see how amazing your youth was in a photo album? Or will it all be lost when your hard drive crashes.

People [YOU] are the MOST important part of a photo & my favorite thing to shoot.


Since 2010 my moto has been

››› study art everyday ‹‹‹

It has helped my life, my well-being, my artistic imagination, my success and probably a additional handful of things I haven’t even realized yet. While I’m shooting this collection of knowledge always aids in my on-the-spot creative decisions and helps me carry out the art-based style of weddings that I create. I could never study enough art. I’m addicted! I want it all. 

Luckily Pinterest enables me daily. 

Do you have an art board? I would LOVE to follow it! [Seriously, didn’t I mention how obsessed I was!?] Leave the link in the comments! Then if you want to see with what fuels my inspiration & follow my ART board on Pinterest.

Can’t wait!