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Sedona Engagement Photos at Bell Rock || Affordable Wedding Photographer and Planner

This session is straight up fire!! // shot by our stellar associate VictoriaView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos // Photography Locations

Sedona Anniversary Photographer // Engagement Photography Location

This anniversary session in Sedona at Merry Go Round rock is something to be held dear & lovvved. Time goes by in the blink of an eye & soon your wedding photos will be 5.. 10 years old! [ trust me it goes by quick! ] & Hopefully your photos were printed in an album & are coveringView full post »

Grand Canyon Engagement Photos // Flagstaff Wedding Photographer

› Be still my wild heart ‹ These engagement photos from the Grand Canyon are making me swoon. Shoshone point if officially the perfect setting for engagement photography. A combination of plenty of woodsy vibes & a dramatic view. A very magical place at 8,000ft!  & lucky us, the sunset wasView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos // Red Rock Cathedral Wedding

Sunset engagement photos at the very top of Cathedral Rock?! This may be the most epic blog post ever. My own love [ my awesome husband Reilly! ] even thought these were the best shots to date. I am so grateful Kevin & Becca wanted some cliffside photos, they flew all the way from the EastView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos || Location for the Best Red Rock Sunset

JD proposed to Carla at Bell Rock one sunrise & this will forever be their spot. So naturally, out of all the swoon-worthy spots in Sedona, their engagement photos › had to be here ‹ The sunset was the most fiery gold I’ve ever seen [thanks to the monsoon clouds] & the light wasView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos || Oak Creek Canyon Wedding Photographer

I am completely obsessed with monsoon season in Sedona. For two years now, I have been dreaming of nothing else than a perfectly overcast engagement photo session at a choice location full of lush green forest. When these two contacted me & wanted exactly that, I was over-the-moon! [ & atView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos at Location Cathedral Rock || Sedona Wedding Photographer

This is honestly monumental. One of my dreams tied up with the big honor of photographing a Sedona local & I’m way way stoked to be presenting this. I have ›such a bohemian at heart‹ & it has always been a struggle for me to keep my art on pace with my wild soul. Enter Jordan andView full post »

Chino Hills State Park Engagement Photos || Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Every once and while black & white images strike me as absolutely mind-blowing [you can see the last time that happened here] It usually happens when people are so grounded that they hardly even notice I’m there. Their own little world. I always picture the shots framed on the wall inView full post »

Sedona Wedding Photographer || Engagement Photos at Red Rock Crossing + Crescent Moon Ranch

I’ve written before about how important it is to me to fine the perfect-most-ideal photo shoot location for my clients. I can never be exactly sure what will happen but the time I spend chatting with people & getting to know what they want + the time I spend out in Sedona everyday inView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos at Solider’s Pass & Devil’s Kitchen

Have a wedding in Sedona is truly a spectacular & worthwhile experience. Being a photographer for such occasions is a great joy. One of most amazing parts of my life is meeting all the lovely people who travel all the way to Sedona for their love story. These two were no exception. After I wasView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos at Cathedral Rock + Oak Creek Canyon || Jane in the Woods Sedona Wedding Photographer

Everyone starts their inquiry or their session off with “We are really shy & have no idea how to take good photos” Oh darling, that’s exactly what makes your photos spectacular.View full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos in the Saddle of Cathedral Rock // Sedona Wedding Photographer

Being in Sedona is pretty much like nothing else in this world. There is a reason that thousands upon thousands of weddings happen in our tiny town each year. In short, Sedona is really rad & really special. On this shoot I was so excited to be able to explore the red rocks & the backView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos // Merry Go Round Rock at Schnebly Hill

I’m soooo freaking-out-excited to be sharing these engagement photos in Sedona at Merry Go Round Rock! Gene & Holly were the sweetest people I could just hang out with them forever & Holly’s ring was ›so gorg‹ I cannot wait for their wedding! [& Holly showed me her dress,View full post »

Best of Sedona Engagements 2015 || Sedona Wedding Photographer

The title of this post is slightly misleading, these are actually my favorites from the second half of the year.. because the huge heap of photos I love is way to big to fit into one post. [I also have favorites from the first part of the year & then the best weddings shots as well…]View full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos in Oak Creek Canyon|| Sedona Wedding Photographer

Sedona has got to be one of the most beautiful places in world for engagement photos! [seriously.] I am constantly in love & awe of how the photos turn out. [especially when I am working with a stellar couple like these two] When I first met with Nick & Sarah I was completely overwhelmedView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos at Slide Rock || Sedona Wedding Photographer

Keeping the #lastoffall momentum going with another Sedona engagement in the trees! This year, fall came a little late so all my end of year sessions got a lucky treat with the color of the leaves. Living in Sedona [and being a photographer here], I’m pretty sure, is unlike any other placeView full post »

Sedona Wedding Photographer || Sedona Engagement Photos Fall

Since moving to the Southwest to be a wedding photographer in Sedona I’ve met SO many amazing people from all over the county. Sedona truly is a mecca for weddings. This lovely couple is from Orange County, they will getting married at a STUNNING property here in town called the Los LagosView full post »

Brooklyn Engagement Photos || Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

This year, by the grace of God, we traveled to NEW YORK! & spent an entire week there. I photographed two very special people in Brooklyn & the results blew me away. [If you live in the area, you’ve found your beyond-excited-to-travel Brooklyn wedding photographer right here] ››› ItView full post »

Newport Beach Engagement Photos || Long Beach Wedding Photographer

Today’s post is SUPER minimal & I love it. It’s always nice to step out of your norm ›take a breath‹ & slow down. That’s exactly how I felt with Ashley & Eric. [Ironically, it was smack in the middle of my busiest and most absolutely insane season ever] They are bothView full post »

Dallas Arboretum Engagement Photos || Dallas Wedding Photographer

This year has been an absolute whirlwind, I’ve had jobs in 7 states [and my last wedding of the year in in Hawaii next week!] we’ve watched our littlest grow up into a toddler, Reilly is a stay at home Dad [because I’ve been shooting a crazy amount of weddings & IView full post »

Denver Wedding Photographer || St. Vrain Canyon Engagement Photos

I am so excited to be sharing these engagement photos today! Wedding photographers in Denver must have the time of their lives amongst the endless natural inspiration of the Rocky Mountains. Emily & I met back when I lived in Oregon so the visit + the amazing shoot was a real treat [red headView full post »

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding Inspiration || Day of the Dead Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

This photo shoot is very near & dear to me, it has been in the works since I first experienced the Day of the Dead celebration in Sedona last year. I’ve never felt so much powerful, peaceful energy. It was very calming & exciting at the same time. At the time I was so close toView full post »

Sedona Wedding Photographer || Engagement Photos at Tlaquepaque

I just had the pleasure of photographing Kate & Chadd’s wedding in Sedona at Los Abrigados! It was truly a delight. While I’m busy editing away all the crazy amounts of jobs I’ve had this Fall I wanted to their engagement photos that they also took in Sedona at LosView full post »

Flagstaff Wedding Photographer || Flagstaff Forest Engagement Photos’]

Flagstaff is an absolutely perfect spot in Arizona for a wedding & engagement photography. All the trees!! If you live in Phoenix & are dreaming of some woodland engagement photos know that your wishes are only 2-3 hours away. Sedona has really beautiful forest areas with red rock dirt,View full post »

Sedona Proposal || Sedona Wedding Photographer

Lover’s Knoll in Sedona is one of the very best & most beautiful spots at sunset. Sedona weddings and little elopements are always happening here, except for today. Today, this charming man proposed to his girl complete with a rose petal heart, her entire family & a stunningView full post »

// Sedona Wedding Photographer

››› It has been quite a year & my busy season has hardly even started! Since I took January off to be a mama, July seemed like a good halfway check-in 🙂 I have loved my work this year more then ever before. & I am ›full‹ of anticipation thinking of all the awe-inspiring shoots [spreadView full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos in the Fall // West Fork Trail

If you are planning a fall engagement, this post is not to be missed! The West Fork Trail in Sedona is an excellent spot for lush & woodsy engagement or wedding photos if you want them to be super naturey with just a touch of deep, red rock. [Here are some other examples if you areView full post »

Lost Dutchman Engagement Photos || Phoenix Wedding Photographer

I have so much fun at work…  ›I literally cannot believe I’m working‹ On the day of this shoot, it was 106 in Phoenix & it was SO hot we had to break [for an hour] to get water from a spigot [Olivia drank an impressive full 32 ounces & Marcin promptly high-fived her for beingView full post »

Mallory & RJ // Sedona Engagement photos

It POURED… and we still got the shot. I definitely imagined that my life would get at least a little easier moving from the rainy Pacific Northwest to the land of the sun but in all truth, the amount of weather has been about the same! A little tally of incidents since moving to the harshView full post »

Rachel & Andrew // Sedona Engagement Photos at West Forks

I really adore when a couple’s heart shows through. That is definitely what keeps me going and keeps me editing until the wee hours of the morn. Pushing further & reaching for ART ART ART. When I feel like I can catch a real & authentic moment in someone’s ›LOVE STORY‹.View full post »

Sedona Engagement Photos

When I first got word that these two folk [with the two coolest names] wanted some super dramatic Sedona photos for their engagement, I could not have been more excited. Sedona was MADE for drama. My style in the past has tended to be a little more subdued but.. ››› When your back yard is olderView full post »

Raymond & Laura || Sedona Engagement Photos at Cathedral Rock

The southwest has welcomed us with open arms. I am amazed everyday at the grand and speculator open spaces Sedona seems so far from Oregon I feel as though I might as well be living on a different planet. ››› But, Everything is red & rad. I am very much a fan of geographically specific art.View full post »

Kali & Evan // Oregon Coast Elopement // Eugene Wedding Photographer

››› Prepare yourself, this is going to be a long one. I am swooning/obsessed/smitten with just about every frame from this day. ››› and then they were ready to wed These photos were taken at the Hobbit Trail on the Oregon Coast just North of Florence.View full post »

Eugene Weddings Magazine Feature

I’m SO crazy honored to have been interviewed by Eugene Weddings Magazine! I was chosen to give my two cents about wedding hair styles and accessories (if you have seen my Instagramyou might be able to grasp how obsessed I am with hair garlands!) ››› HAVING SCOTTISH-HIGHLAND-WORTHY REDView full post »