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blacklineWhen I am being creative I am at my best. I’m like a moth seeking the light. That’s why I love weddings. Not only am I in my creative golden-zone, but everyone involved has been living & obsessing in their creative place for usually at least a year [but generally more!]. It’s like the best collaborative art project ever! My brides are seriously the BEST. I never even thought I would be a wedding photographer [in fact I had decided that I would never be one] but now I’m pretty convinced it’s the best kept art career secret. I cannot even imagine any other “work” that would be more awesome.

››› Creating wedding artifacts is something so valuable I want burst with radiant gratitude 

Think about when you are a little old feisty grandma & you can show your kick-ass wedding album to your grandkids when they are engaged. Not showing them some old files on your now out-of-date computer. All those photos flooding back all your best memories. Your wedding day will probably be the most fun day of your life! (I know mine was!)

Photograph & styling by Jane in the Woods // Hand-dyed silk ribbon that accompanies each album is by Silk & Willow

peony - jane in the woods



GOODNESS this is gorgeous.

There is nothing quite like photo in print. In an album. When this showed up to my door it was like Christmas. I passed the babe to the husband and ran outside to greet the delivery man. The slow and careful pace at which I open the box was killing me inside because I wanted to rip it open like when I got a tamagatchi in 5th grade.

Get ready for some serious eye candy!

Albums are really the lifeblood of a wedding. It is truly a work of art that so many people helped create. A culmination of the most important day of your life & no on wants to review their wedding photos looking at files on a computer screen! It is remarkably special xoxo to this album, I’ll be parting with you very soon!