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blackline››› This is quite possibly the most overdue post of all time. This wedding was from 2013. Yes you read that correctly, 2013. 

When I wasn’t such a regular blogger I let so many wedding days slip through the cracks without ever seeing the light of the world [except when being shipped off to their rightful owners] but I really want to share them because they were so spectacular! Starting with this one.

These two landed the coveted cover feature for Eugene Weddings Magazine

[more about that here]

& I cannot wait to share their one of a kind wedding.

I really could never find the words to thank these two enough for being such spitballs of fire and lighting up the day with their joy. I remember every moment of our interaction so well. I remember Christel’s first inquiry where she described the most spunky and amazing sounding wedding I’d ever heard of. I remember standing on Mississippi St. when all the Magnolias were in bloom and receiving a call from Ben that they wanted to sit down & chat. I remember meeting them for coffee and being completely floored by how full of pizzaz they where. We did the engagement photos at the Portland farmer’s market and I thought Christel was one of the coolest gals I’d ever met.

Shooting their wedding was truly an honor.

These photos were taken on the Unger Family Farm [N 45° 29′ 17.007″ + W 123° 4′ 7.8516″] The beautiful floral design by Blue Lace Design & it was featured on the cover of Eugene Weddings Magazine! All photos were edited with VSCO Kodak Gold.

jane in the woods - tree ring


blacklineHere is a embarrassing story about this perfect wedding in the woods in Portland…

››› The first chance I got I had to call my mom in a  panic because everyone and everything was so beautiful & perfect that I froze and had an internal panic attack

I was about 7 months preggo [here is a day-of visual for you I quickly shot while running up and down three flights of stairs to get all of what was happening]


& to be honest I was having one of those OMG all my dreams are coming true kind of moments. Scary. But AWESOME.  I will never be able to put into words how thankful I was to arrive to this group of the loveliest people. Feeling like a cement brick & jello at the same time all while my heart was leaping out of my frozen self towards my truest desire.

Cheers to Vadim & Yana! I wish them so much happiness.

These photos were taken at Mary S. Young park [ N 45° 22′ 58.0013″ + W 122° 37′ 32.2247″] near Portland, Oregon. 

jane in the woods - tree ring


››› Prepare yourself, this is going to be a long one.

I am swooning/obsessed/smitten with just about every frame from this day.

››› and then they were ready to wed

These photos were taken at the Hobbit Trail on the Oregon Coast just North of Florence. It is a very stunning spot covered in moss and close to the beach. The flowers were designed and masterfully executed by Passion Flower in Eugene, I always recommend them!

jane in the woods - tree ring