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Since 2010 my moto has been

››› study art everyday ‹‹‹

It has helped my life, my well-being, my artistic imagination, my success and probably a additional handful of things I haven’t even realized yet. While I’m shooting this collection of knowledge always aids in my on-the-spot creative decisions and helps me carry out the art-based style of weddings that I create. I could never study enough art. I’m addicted! I want it all. 

Luckily Pinterest enables me daily. 

Do you have an art board? I would LOVE to follow it! [Seriously, didn’t I mention how obsessed I was!?] Leave the link in the comments! Then if you want to see with what fuels my inspiration & follow my ART board on Pinterest.

Can’t wait!



GOODNESS this is gorgeous.

There is nothing quite like photo in print. In an album. When this showed up to my door it was like Christmas. I passed the babe to the husband and ran outside to greet the delivery man. The slow and careful pace at which I open the box was killing me inside because I wanted to rip it open like when I got a tamagatchi in 5th grade.

Get ready for some serious eye candy!

Albums are really the lifeblood of a wedding. It is truly a work of art that so many people helped create. A culmination of the most important day of your life & no on wants to review their wedding photos looking at files on a computer screen! It is remarkably special xoxo to this album, I’ll be parting with you very soon!