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sedona wedding flowers || bohemian florist photos

I had some fun with flowers this past weekend & wanted to share! How stunning would this woodland style braid be at a wedding!? I love how green compliments the red rocks [& my hair in this case! haha] in Sedona.

Now that Jane in the Woods is also offering floral design for intimate events I am thrilled be able to be in nature more & work the art & design part of my brain in a different way. Cheers to being a photographer & florist!

sedona wedding flowers || bohemian floristmarcusalissa-472sedona wedding flowers || bohemian floristmarcusalissa-480sedona wedding flowers || bohemian florist photos


blacklineHere is a embarrassing story about this perfect wedding in the woods in Portland…

››› The first chance I got I had to call my mom in a  panic because everyone and everything was so beautiful & perfect that I froze and had an internal panic attack

I was about 7 months preggo [here is a day-of visual for you I quickly shot while running up and down three flights of stairs to get all of what was happening]


& to be honest I was having one of those OMG all my dreams are coming true kind of moments. Scary. But AWESOME.  I will never be able to put into words how thankful I was to arrive to this group of the loveliest people. Feeling like a cement brick & jello at the same time all while my heart was leaping out of my frozen self towards my truest desire.

Cheers to Vadim & Yana! I wish them so much happiness.

These photos were taken at Mary S. Young park [ N 45° 22′ 58.0013″ + W 122° 37′ 32.2247″] near Portland, Oregon. 

jane in the woods - tree ring