April 24, 2015

Mallory & RJ // Sedona Engagement photos




It POURED… and we still got the shot.

I definitely imagined that my life would get at least a little easier moving from the rainy Pacific Northwest to the land of the sun but in all truth, the amount of weather has been about the same! A little tally of incidents since moving to the harsh state of Arizona.

1. Was in the BIGGEST, CRAZIEST & SCARIEST lighting storm [about 10 feet from my car] ever driving to the Phoenix airport  to catch a flight for a wedding in Oregon where it was perfect and sunny.

2. Driving back from the airport after shooting a different wedding I got caught in a flash flood [& they are not kidding! Literally floods in 2 minutes] Never had to pull over because of rain in Oregon.

3. It rained pretty much the entire time during this e-sesh. I don’t recall ever having to actually shoot in the rain in Oregon. When it did rain it cleared up very quickly. But Mallory and RJ were up to the challenge! & their photos reflect their stellar attitude.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m forgetting some more traumatizing weather experiences. Sufficed to say that Arizona is harsh!

Now please enjoy this adorable couple who made me tear up while editing their photos. What is better than two people in love?! Nothing.

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