May 22, 2015

Elope // Sedona Wedding at Rachel’s Knoll




As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to get woodsy in Arizona. [I am more than just a little excited about that] When we made the move from Oregon to Arizona I was moderately anxious & curious to see how my work would change with the new vast open spaces of the desert. Little did I know, Sedona happens to be a small nook of high dessert tucked into a canyon at the base of a  mountain that is just as much green as it is red. Forest lovers & desert dwellers are equally delighted.

Yesterday was a beautiful day with some adventurous people. I am having a particularly good time with all these tiny weddings

››› I love all you crazy eloping kids!

These photos were taken at a couple places ||  Rachael’s Knoll, Bell Rock & Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona Arizona [N 34° 55′ 7.9481″ + W 111° 50′ 4.7058″]

jane in the woods - tree ring

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