July 3, 2015

Local Juicery Wedding Cleanses // Sedona, Arizona Wedding Photographer




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My favorite little juice shop in Sedona [See & read all about Local Juicery ›here‹] is offering amazing juice cleanses [plus a big discount!] for brides [&grooms]! When I got married Reilly & I were extra extra dedicated to looking and feeling our best everyday & I wish this was around, we totally would have done it!

I absolutely love to have this juice everyday & could not recommend it more! Today I myself went to Local not once but twice & had the Watermelon Crush juice [full of fresh mint!], a Basic [nuts & cinnamon and things] & a raw Kale Caesar + half of Reilly’s freaking out of this world raw cheesecake. Killer day!

I will add in retrospect that after our wedding not only were we SUPER impressed with how rockinly glowing we looked in our wedding photos but being at our pinnacle of health helped us enjoy our honeymoon that much more. We took a three week road trip through the entire Pacific Northwest & up into Canada & we felt SO amazing the entire time.

LOCALLocal Juicery is an organic cold-pressed juice bar + superfood kitchen created by Summer Sanders. The intention with Local is to help people reach radiant health in a really accessible, beautiful and tasty way! We offer cold-pressed juice, juice cleanses, whole food cleanses, smoothies, acai bowls, healthy salads, treats and unique retail.

BEAUTY + THE GLOW. As a bride, we all want that luminous glow, that radiant shine, that special something that makes our wedding day (and photos) that much more memorable. Our juice cleanses at Local are designed to help you not only look incredibly healthy, sexy and gorgeous but to truly help you feel it. A women’s beauty is magnified when her confidence comes from within. By cleansing your body, you gently cleanse your mind and create a space for that lovely, wild and radiant spark to shine.

PROCESS. We walk you though the process with clear and easy directions. We have three different cleansing packages as well as a “design your own” cleanse. We offer a free consultation with our cleanse specialist to make sure you get the perfect cleanse for your needs. We offer a delivery service if needed for no extra charge to all Sedona locations.

[and here it the rad part]DISCOUNT: head in or call anytime and use the code: JANEXLOCAL and receive 15% off your cleanse!

BIO: Summer opened Local to help move people toward a plant-based diet in the most delicious way possible! Working in San Fransisco as a makeup artist and studying music business took a tole on Summer health. Late nights, cocktail parties and music events packed on the pounds and monopolized her time. Finally she realized her body and soul needed a shift, needed some true connection. Summer started her journey to optimal health. By shifting to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and juice, summer felt alive again. This prompted her to start education and teaching the art of raw food and plant-centric eating. Summer is a mama to Henry, a business owner, blogger, author and a students of life.

Find Local Juicery here! 






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