July 14, 2015

|| Sedona Maternity Photographer & Photos




I am on a roll posting so many wonderful shoots that have just been sitting in my archive & this one is extra adorable!

When we moved to Sedona to have our sweet baby Fae, we never imagined we would be so lucky as to meet another couple who did the same thing! Not only did they also move across several states to be here, but our little girls were due only about 3 weeks apart [and ended up being born only 3 short days apart!]

Chris & Nicole are two of most steadfast people we have met. They were such a constant source of great help, kinship & harmony. We are so fortunate to have developed such a bond with them & we can watch our babes grow up at the same time. Making the commitment to keep friendship in your life is a big deal as an adult & an even bigger one when you are a new family, so to have someone in pretty much the exact same shoes is truly a blessing.

This sweet family has since moved to Hawaii and we are hoping to be visiting them this fall. Heck ya!

These photos were taken on a Canon 5D + 50 mm 1.2 + 70-200 2.8 and were edited with VSCO Fuji 400H++ in Lightroom. The locations are West Fork Trail & a dirt road Chavez Crossing Rd [N 34° 49′ 39.3466″ + W 111° 47′ 58.2515″]

peony - jane in the woods


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