September 2, 2019

ARIES > The Zodiac Signs in Love & Relationships



We are head over heels for the moon, the stars & pretty much anything to do with astrology! For the next 12 months we are lucky enough to have our very own studio assistant Ariel sharing her insight into the twelve zodiac signs. It will be a bit of how they are in love, relationships, marriage & all things romance.

Are you an Aries? [ Hey, Victoria! Our associate photographer is our very own No. 1 ] Or are about to marry an Aries? Already married to an Aries? [ Hi, Jane! Jane’s husband Reilly is both an Aries Sun & an Aries moon ] This month is for you.


Aries – bold, upfront, in your face in love! When Aries energy is falling head over heels, they can be impulsive, assertive, and totally passionate. You’ll never have to wonder if Aries is falling for you, they’re all in head first as they follow their instincts towards their heart’s desire. This is especially true if your partner’s Venus is in Aries along with their Sun, Moon or Rising. 

Aries is also all about the hunt. They love to work hard for their lover & are persistent in their acts of affection. Many confuse Aries to be selfish and while there is that propensity, they’re also very invested in their partners, passions, & commitments. So let’s not fall prey to the misconceived notions that Aries is selfish! They have all the capacity for selflessness as their polar opposite sign Libra. 

Aries can love & lust after someone all at the same time as they often mingle both energies. There are at least 6 Ancient Greek words for love & the one Aries embodies the most would be ‘Eros’ – meaning sexual passion named after the Greek God of fertility. With high libidos & a strong instinctual drive, when these types are in love, they’re constantly steaming! 

While passions run high, so can their temper. Being in a relationship with an Aries will have all the high-intensity love-making a person could want, but will also need to be on the lookout for bubbling anger. Allowing your Aries partner the room to feel expressed & not repressed will help them healthfully release their anger without you feeling like it’s personal – it’s often not. This will especially be true if your partner has their Sun, Moon, Rising &/or Mars in Aries. 

Often lost in love with a lot of cardinal energy, Aries make great passionate partners who want to experience something truly meaningful with you!