September 27, 2019

NEW MOON > 5° Libra @ 11:26am on 9/28/19


New Moon 5° Libra @ 11:26am on 9/28/19

The Libra New Moon will bring about a much lighter way of being & feeling than the previous Full Moon! This is a relief – an exhale – as we step deeper into our relationships & commitments of all kinds to see how we can plan for the future together. With Mercury conjunct Venus, we are gonna want to talk about ALL the things we want, love, value & desire for the months to come!

This is an exciting time to get to know your lover (& yourself!) even further and feel into fresh, new ideas of how you can build your dreams together. There is a caution here as Venus aspects Neptune, creating a blind spot… This blind spot could mean getting lost in fantasies not rooted in reality, dreaming too big or letting the superficial values get in the way of what’s really important. This can also be a time where old feelings of lost love bubble to the surface creating insecurities. Take time alone & together to meditate on what brings beauty, abundance & infinite value to you & your partners life!