October 27, 2019

NEW MOON @ 4° Scorpio 8:38pm on 10/27/19


New Moon @ 4° Scorpio 8:38pm on 10/27/19

Can someone say triggered? While there is great opportunities this New Moon to have the deepest most meaningful communications & connections with your partner, there is also great propensity for misunderstandings, judgment, massive criticism & intense emotions. As transformational as this time can be with the Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus all in Scorpio – I can’t bring enough awareness around having patience not only with your beloved, but with yourself too! This is a legit crazy New Moon & we all need to buckle up for it!

This is a perfect time to do something new & spontaneous with your lovey because we can all get a little too heavy & stuck when energies like this hit our normal day-to-day routines. Let this really powerful energy flow as fast as it needs to by doing something out of your ordinary routine & stepping into the unknown as much as possible! This space of fresh experience that you create will hold a more expansive container for new & meaningful conversations that you & your significant other wish to have. Get it all out on the table & watch out for emotional wounds that may feel triggered within these conversations around what you both truly need at this time. 

Mars in Libra in the 5th house really wants to know how the relationship can be more playful & passionate all the while in a square with the heaviness of Pluto in Capricorn. Let the crazy come out, allow the serious convos some flow, & most of all – create time & space to process your emotions alone & together. If you cannot see the window to play & lighten things up, reflect on why that light isn’t there for you & be patient as you evolve into something new & better. As much as we wish it to be, Scorpio energy just never creates anything less than intense!