October 14, 2019

FULL MOON > 20° Aries @ 2:07pm on 10/13/19


20° Aries Full Moon @ 2:07pm on 10/13/19

This Full Moon is all about finding the balance between communication & alone time and care for yourself & others. With the Sun opposite the Moon, we’re identifying or trying to understand the truths of our partner & being intuitive with the needs of others while trying to find a healthy balance as we learn how to be emotionally independent. Be sure you take time out for yourself as we can all get lost & wrapped up in our partner’s reality & emotions. This can create irritation when we haven’t allowed ourselves to spend enough time alone. The full moon in Aries will help illuminate where we’ve been too selfish within our partnerships or where we haven’t been selfish enough. 

It is also a time to sit down & look your partner right in their beautiful eyes as we listen intently to their new ideas, dreams & values. Each of us may wish to communicate & integrate our values especially our values around purpose & meaningful work. So be sure to make lots of space for your beloved to talk out their visions for the future & plans for their next big chess moves! We’re all going to have lots of ideas to bring more of what we love into the mix. 

Really allowing yourself time to breathe & dance with your partner this Full Moon is crucial to keeping things feeling light as the Pluto square Sun & Moon can make us all feel a little heavy. Be on the look out for coursing emotions & waves of emotional intensity in your relationship & just do your best to hold space as each of you rides the roller coaster of transformation. We all need lots of support during this time, so whether its a solo bubble bath with candles or a meaningful evening with your lover, be sure there’s lots of self-care happening to cultivate emotional balance – alone & together!