November 12, 2019

FULL MOON > 20° Taurus @ 6:34am on 11/12/19


20° Taurus Full Moon @ 6:34am on 11/12/19

As Scorpio’s opposite sign, Taurus is bringing in a whole new need of emotional stability this full moon. With the sun in Scorpio & the moon in Taurus, we are looking at intense emotional desires that require a ton of nurturing & grounding. This is no time for being flighty & escaping as much as you might feel you want to. There is nowhere left to run honey, it’s time for all of us to fess up & face not only ourselves, but our partners too. 

With the Sun conjunct Mercury both in Scorpio, there is no better time to shine light on the shadow & speak your whole hearted truth. Whatever you’ve been keeping in that you should be sharing with your partner, now is the time to let it out. This is a time to merge together, to be more stable together & to feel more united & powerful together! Once we speak our truths, we feel so much more connected & emotionally open towards our partners.

Don’t let the stuffiness suffocate your relationship, air it out! With low elemental air quality in the zodiac these days, it can feel a little constricting under all those heavy emotions, watery tears & fiery passions. To find balance, we need to be sure we breathe our own expansion into our lives & relationships to truly benefit from this incredibly potent full moon that is begging us all to let it out, let it go & connect, connect, CONNECT!