December 11, 2019

FULL MOON > 20° Gemini @ 10:11pm on 12/11/19


20° Gemini Full Moon @ 10:11pm MST on 12/11/19

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! This is a time that has so much room for play & ease in relationship just as much as it has room for tension & growth. We’ve got polar opposite signs in exact opposition to each other in the sky, with the Sun in Sagittarius & the Moon in Gemini. This pull may make you feel that you & your partner are on totally different pages or it may bring you even closer together depending on your energetic relationship to these signs. Hint: if either of you has strong Gemini or Sagittarius in your chart (especially moon sign), you’re going to be feeling this moon more than most! 

Emotionally, you may be feeling there’s something coming up for you but you feel blocked in accessing it or communicating it. This is normal at this time, so do be patient with yourself & your lovey when waves of emotions come up as you struggle to identify their source. Gemini can often make us think more logically, though full moons tend to pull up emotions. You may feel nothing during this time & only later when the moon has entered Cancer on Friday, the powerful energies of this full moon will reveal themselves to you. Stay present with each other & don’t force communication if you sense something is up with bae – it will reveal itself when it’s meant to & that just might be after this emotionally cool full moon!

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