January 11, 2020

FULL MOON > 20° Cancer @ 12:22pm MST on 1/10/20


20° Cancer Full Moon @ 12:22pm MST on 1/10/20

This weeks full moon & eclipse is all about finding balance with ourselves & with each other. With the Sun, Mercury & Pluto all opposite this Cancerian moon, we may begin to find ourselves feeling swallowed up & unable to communicate our needs, desires & dreams. Our partners might wonder what’s wrong or be fighting their own battle as the culmination of karmas come to consciousness. We must be patient with ourselves & our lovey as we are moving independently & together through very emotionally charged times! The upside is we have so much room to integrate into a more solid & stronger unit if we stay open to this emotional process & keep lines of communication clear with our beloved. 

With a few semi-squares between Mars, Mercury & the Sun, communication has the propensity to be heated or have a sense of palpable tension. This energy can also help us bring what’s difficult to the surface so we can more freely express ourselves & come to resolutions with each other. This may seem like a challenging moon for relationships & though it can be, it can also break through so many layers of uncommunicated subconscious emotions, needs, & wants that will only bring you & yours truly so much closer together!

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