March 8, 2020

FULL MOON > 20° Virgo @ 12:48pm MST on 3/9/20


20° Virgo Full Moon @ 12:48pm MST on 3/9/20

This Monday’s Virgo Full Moon is opening up all the floodgates of emotional awareness to be worked with, integrated & celebrated in your relationship! It might seem a little overwhelming as so much begins to bubble up to the surface & is in full illumination under the full moon Virgo microscope of analysis. Work with the elements during this time as every planet is mostly representing water or earth to indicate a purification as well as ground to lend an evolutionary hand in your partnerships.

This may be an emotional time but it also is a highly passionate time with both Pluto & Mars trine the Moon. We have the opportunity to feel a deeper connection to our passions, sense of self & eachother. There’s so much energy happening in the 7th house with Capricorn, it’s a time to reveal how you truly want your relationships to be, how you’ll build together, what you’ll gain together & even what you might let go of together. There is no right or wrong in the zodiac & this is a time to get real with your priorities & set the direction you both wish to move forward with in this wild new year ahead!