April 7, 2020

FULL MOON > 19° Libra @ 8:35pm MST on 4/7/20


19° Libra Full Moon @ 8:35pm MST on 4/7/20

This week’s Libra Full Moon is jam packed with energy for you & your partner to really start getting EVERYTHING out into the open. Not to mention you’re with them now more than ever as they are on your quaranteam & you will now be getting to know each other even better because of it. Libra full moon in the 12th house encourages us to share our wildest dreams that need no basis in logic, rationality, or money-making, but rather about what we see beautiful in our lives that inspire us to share with the world, each other & discover how we’ve been longing for its expression for a very long time. Activated dreams & deep dives with Pluto sextile Mercury make conversations between you & your beloved very vulnerable, open & raw. 

Take time out to understand all these dreams, inspirations & emotions & try not to let an out-of-left-field type convo with your significant other throw you through a loop. Know that this is an unprecedented time for all of us & we are all ready to dream up something bigger, better & totally authentic. You might realize through these conversations you’re not on the same page like you thought or that it’s time to get up to speed with each other & fall even deeper in love! With Mars trine Venus, our wants, values & desires have an extra get-up & go which is exactly what we need when the moon asks us to dream big & beautiful dreams! Integrate these as a team & understand no matter how interconnected, both you & your partner have an authentic individuality & divine purpose to express.

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