May 7, 2020

FULL MOON > 18° Scorpio @ 5:46am MST on 5/7/20


18° Scorpio Full Moon @ 5:46am MST on 5/7/20

Well, what can I say? It’s the crazy making Full Moon in the intense sign of Scorpio during quarantine moving through the 7th house of relationships… If you live with your partner, buckle up! If you don’t, maybe you’re in the clear – maybe you’re not. With this illumination on our spirit & psyche, it’s time we dive deep within ourselves & our relationships. It’s time to know what’s stable (Taurus), what need’s work, & what is simply ready to be left behind. 

There will be lots of integration through balancing aspects of our personality & doing our best to communicate all the ups & downs in our mood to our partner. Communication will be necessary at some point but do take time to be alone, reflect, meditate & center yourself before entering into any serious conversations. With Mars square Mercury, things can get heated but if you both come to the table centered & calm, you will have very productive outcomes from connecting! 

With Venus in Gemini, it’s a good time to gain some new perspectives on what you both love, desire & value & how you can integrate more of that into your lives moving forward. The Taurus energy lends a great mindset to know what long lasting foundations you want to evolve forward with together & how you could let certain things go to be lighter & more open to divine timing. These can be physical or emotional things. You could leave behind that old couch or you could leave behind perfectionism. It’s time to ‘empty the closet’ so you & your beloved can grow deeper into alignment for the brightest future!

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