June 5, 2020

FULL MOON > 16° Sagittarius @ 12:11pm MST on 6/4/20


16° Sagittarius Full Moon @ 12:11pm on 6/5/20

This Sagittarius moon illuminates many aspects of ourselves & our relationship. Perspectives, intellect, overthinking & ideas are ping-ponging around about how we can live our highest potential, best life, what we truly value as we move forward with what we feel is our purpose in this life AND in our relationships. We will be challenged by the Sun-Venus conjunction opposite the moon as we work to find balance between our thoughts/thinking mind & intuition/heart intelligence in order to feel integrated. 

You may feel a bit pulled all over the place during this time, but tap into the full moon Sagittarius energy which brings us into alignment with ourselves & eachother on deeper levels than what we can see. Turning our energy inwards will help us to activate, navigate & draw energy upward in order to act effectively & efficiently as a team, rather than both of you spiraling out of control aimlessly. 

This is a great time to set intentions inward, arch & aim your arrow to your highest ideals & communicate them with your partner for collaboration. You both may have differing ideas, views & dreams but that is okay! Allow there to be differences & know you can still grow together during this time. It will be a deep healing energy that allows each of you to connect on subtle levels you may not even know existed. Operate as interdependents rather than codependents. Let yourselves receive this unique energy & put your arrows together towards a bigger & brighter future!

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