October 1, 2020

The Zodiac in Love || Sedona Libra Lovers


Welcome to Libra season! If you don’t know much about Libra or your Libra partner, then it’s time to learn. Libra is ruled by the air element & is cardinal in nature. That means they have the flexibility to change like the wind & the drive to create like expressive fire. As a Venus ruled sign, it’s all about relationships, you + me, love & of course making everything beautiful. Libra also rules over the 7th house – the House of Relationships & Marriage. Many Libras + many during Libra season will focus on their relationship dynamics with those close to them especially their partner. This is also a time for everyone to think about themselves in relation to their partners. Are you getting enough time for yourself? Spending too much energy on everyone else’s needs? If you answered yes, learn a little more about a balanced Libra relationship below! 

Libra – gorgeous, harmonious, your ultimate peace maker in partnership! If there’s any sign that’s the epitome of relationships, love & all things teamwork – it’s Libra. These lovers are obsessed with harmony in their lives & that includes their bae. They really are excellent communicators to get all sides of the story out on the table & find ways to create a fair & just balance so everyone can be happy. If you landed a Libra, you’re in serious good fortune! You also may have a lot to learn in the balancing act of partnership. This is all especially true if your lover’s Venus is in Libra or their Sun, Moon or Rising.

Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus opens up the floodgates & wants to draw in all things of beauty & love into their lives. You may notice Libra has a very aesthetic home, super in-style clothing, & a bit more of a classy feel to them. This is the strong Venusian energy they exude as they appreciate beauty & art in every way. Don’t feel underdressed or judged, but your Libra lover may want to extend a hand to your wardrobe, home decor, or any area of your life that appears a bit messy. They do genuinely want to help! 

A few things Libra needs to be aware of is this innate desire to keep things in balanced harmony. Sometimes they will bend the truth, withhold information or not share how they’re truly feeling in order to keep the peace & keep things running smoothly. Although they try to do this as selflessly as they can, if their partner catches wind, it  can look quite selfish & deceitful. Do try to be patient with your Libra partner in this & encourage them that more connection & peace will be had if they tell the truth & express how they really feel.

Another thing that Libra is really good at, but it can also get them into trouble, is their ability to be highly objective. This is great for solving problems for others, staying unbiased, & finding justice for all. This can pose challenges for their partners when Libra doesn’t take the time to be subjective enough to understand themselves & what they truly feel, value, want, or need. Libra can become so involved in other’s perspectives & realities they can often lose sight of their own. It can make them appear inauthentic & hollow which is why some people think of Libra as a bit ‘shallow’. This couldn’t be further from the truth & it often just takes a Libra partner to step away from the relationship a little to catch their center & get real about who they are & what they need. 

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Libra rules marriage & long term partnership, they want that commitment more than most any of the 12 energies in the zodiac. If you can help them find true balance, you will be in for a beautiful life-long union!

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