November 28, 2020

Zodiac in Love // Sagittarius Lovers


Welcome to Sagittarius season! This season is all about shaking things up! Sagittarius is ruled by the fire  element & is mutable in nature. That means they have the spontaneity of fire & the changeable nature of the wind.

Experiencing falling in love, a person seeks only to stay close to the object of sighing for a longer time. However, he does not notice any flaws in the partner. Love is the desire to grow and develop in order for a partner to grow and develop. And the most important thing in this phenomenon is the acceptance chat de sexo al azar of the object with all its advantages and disadvantages.

As a Jupiter ruled sign, it’s all about expansion, optimism & faith. Sag also rules over the 9th house – the House of Long Journeys. Many Sagittarians + many during Sag season will feel the need to break routine, do something new, & travel or expand their conscious horizons. This is the perfect time to ask yourself what routines have created stagnation in your growth. Stagnation in your partnership? How could you create more excitement in your life? Add the spice back into your daily routines & read on to know what kind of journey a Sagittarius partner really desires!

Sagittarius – free, optimistic, your excitement-seeking adventurer in love! If you’ve been with or are with a Sagittarius, you’ll know right away they are the most fun, exciting & freedom-loving people you know. They have a positive approach to life & a go-getter attitude that is contagious to be around. When you’re coupled up with such a force, they’ll want you to be their ultimate side kick in adventures, truth, freedom & love. This is especially true if their Sun, Moon, Rising or Venus is in Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is really just that – a force. They are mutable fire & have energy sparking all over the place. They’re truly exciting people to know & be partnered with. Hopefully you have a suitcase in one hand & a philosophy book in the other because these types want to talk truth & wisdom as much as they want to experience something new / new food, new culture, new music, new people, new vibes. They live & breath the freshness of a new experience & disdain stagnancy or feeling caged in. So whatever you do, don’t make your Sag feel they are in a pen! 

As much as Sagittarius seeks truth, wisdom & new ideas, they can get stuck in their own ideologies. You may find when talking with your beloved that they get opinionated, self-righteous or maybe slightly insensitive if they feel you’re not speaking to the truths they know or what they believe is ethically right. Let your Sag lover know that you’re trying to level with them & understand & respect their beliefs so that they don’t feel they need to be on the defense so much. Remember, we’re dealing with FIRE here! That being said, once they feel free & safe with you, they will only want you to help them continue to expand their horizons of the mind & heart. 

If you happen to be the ‘cozied up at home’ type [ Cancer, Pisces, Taurus ] & have landed yourself a wanderlust Sagittarius babe, be sure to at least make the effort to get out & do things with them even if it seems difficult. The key here is that your Sagittarius boo will tell you “it’s fine” when you often don’t want to do their next wild idea & they’ll happily go do it solo anyway. Then you might start to think “cool, they don’t need me to do these things with them” – wait… Yes, Sag loves to do things solo, but they also really desire adventurous love. If you let your Sag out too often to take on these ventures solo, wanderLUST might take on a whole new meaning, if you catch my drift. They want a partner, so meet them where they’re at as much as you can (they’ll do the same for you). 

Whether you’re ready or not, your Sagittarius partner is ready to dine with you in Italy, play Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, explore ancient ruins in Rome, & over all be the most kick ass partner you’ve ever had the joy of loving! 

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