November 4, 2020

Zodiac in Love // Scorpio Lovers


Welcome to Scorpio season! If you don’t know much about Scorpio or your Scorpio partner, then it’s time to dive in! Scorpio is ruled by the water element & is fixed in nature. That means they have the emotional depths of still lakes & the rigid and sustained energy of the earth. As a Pluto ruled sign, it’s all about karma, stepping into power, & merging souls together. Scorpio also rules over the 8th house – the House of Power & Transformation. Many Scorpios  + many during Scorpio season will feel the need to realign with their power & purpose as well as merge deeper into union with their partners. This is a great time to check in with yourself & your significant other to aqueous further into alignment. Where is your power being taken? What energy leaks could be removed from your life now? How can you & your partner gain a deeper understanding of each other? Read on to truly understand the complex & mysterious needs of a Scorpio.

Scorpio– magical, deep & everyone’s favorite mystery to solve! Scorpio is full of complex & magnetic energy that draws people to them with so much passion it’s hard to even know what hit you. Their intense gaze says everything & nothing all at the same time, all you know is you want more of your super sexy Scorpio partner! 

Yes, Scorpio similar to Aries, is filled with passion & sexual energy but also so much more. They love deeply & intensely & often express their love through actions, gestures & quality time. They might not be words of affirmation but will show you more through physical touch & affection. As a love language, they absolutely need both physical touch & quality time to feel connected to their partners & without it will feel distant, disconnected & unrecognized. It is super important to meet Scorpio energy with the appropriate amount of vigor & to put it bluntly – libido. 

Scorpio wants to become one with you physically, mentally & spiritually which is one area they can be quite complex to understand especially for certain signs. They want a full on merger of love, mind, power, energy, resources, body & soul. I know Libra rules marriage but as far as union goes, Scorpio takes that word to a whole other level! In this depth of connection, Scorpio can find itself on the jealous end of the spectrum. In fact, they are known to be the most jelly sign in the entire zodiac. So do keep your eyes for each other & try not to let the ol ‘whoa, he/she’s hot!’ slip. Sounds extreme but a Scorpio isn’t naive, they know they’re not the only person in the world. But when it comes to your world together, let them know that it’s super real, activated & full of trust & loyalty.

If Scorpio does feel on the edge about the relationship or they can’t trust you, they will show this in one of two ways. One way being the healthier route & the other more of the shadow side of Scorpio. They will either speak directly to the issue in very clear & calculated communication with plenty of information to back them up [ in a non-attacking manner ] OR they will suppress into secrecy, avoid physical contact & in very extreme cases will cheat as they don’t know how to express their pent up energy. Again, this is not to say this is your Scorpio partner, but what the energy can be pushed or prone to do if they don’t take time to understand their feelings. 

Seriously though, Scorpio will be the wildest, most exhilarating deep dive you’ll take into another person’s heart & soul & will surely only activate that depth for unconditional love within you as well! 

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