January 28, 2021

January in Sedona // Full Moon Astrology


[ Full Moon 9° Leo1/28/21 @ 12:16 pm MST ]

The moon is full & rising today. This full moon is all about merging our deepest emotions with our fullest self-expression. This integration is guiding us to our most authentic self & the most authentic relationship with your one & only. Today with this full moon, we feel into where we are in our truest alignment as we move forward as a divine partnership. This will be a balancing act with two wild sides of the spectrum. Some of us dive too far into our emotional selves, getting lost in the delusions & wounds, while others project too much outwards in their peer groups, staying superficial & attention seeking.

What we really need is to take it upon ourselves to prioritize self-inquiry so that we can access our highest potential union! This inquiry helps us get to the root of things as we ask ‘why’ things are the way they are & why we are the way we are. When we begin this inquiry process, we ensure the foundation of who we are & the structure of our lives together are authentic, honest & true for us. This full moon really helps illuminate where cracks have formed in our lives that have destabilized the pure structure of our partnerships.

We find deep levels of acceptance as we unearth any parts of ourselves we have rejected. Many times we reject these parts because of the outside world, our peer groups, teachers, parents or society. These external parties rejected aspects of ourselves & so did we. This Leo moon is all about taking that power back, leaving all judgments to the wind & stepping into a full embrace of who we truly are! 

If we are not true to ourselves, then we are not true to our partners. If you don’t know the depth that you are, how can you really share who you are with someone else?

This is a powerful day to see each other with eyes of compassion, tuning into unconditional love while each partner allows space & grace to move through their emotional process and then be able to express themselves openly. We are mirrors for each other & no one knows us better than our lovey! They are here for us through our highs & lows, so this full moon shouldn’t be any different. Let’s allow each other to step more fully into our authentic selves, creating an even more authentic love for one another.  

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This Full Moon calls for nourishment of the heart & the tummy [ because merging our deepest emotions with our fullest self-expression isn’t so easy all of the time! ] Plan a date night tonight to nourish yourselves! Make a meal to remember. You two can plan to cook something yummy together & allow your souls to connect.

[ Also, definitely tell us what you made because we are super into your recipe ideas. ]

Extra Credit!

Another wonderful way to nourish your heart & remember why you fell in love is by using the playfulness of this Intimacy Deck! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner & we are madly in love with this date night idea.



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