January 19, 2021

Zodiac in Love // Aquarius


Welcome to Aquarius season! We change from Capricorn earth energy over to wild Aqaurian air vibes. Aqaurius is ruled by the air element & is fixed in nature. That means they have the flexibility to change like the wind while maintaining the sustained energy of the earth. As a Uranus ruled sign, it’s all about humanitarianism, people & partnership, & shaking up everyone’s world! Aqaurius also rules over the 11th house – the House of Community & Future. Many Aquarians + many during Aqaurius season will focus on their like-minded pursuits with peers as well as their long-term future goals with their partners. This is a great time to check in & see what page you & your lovey are on as well as tuning into your dreams for the future. Learn about the spontaneous & unorthodox ways of an Aqaurian relationship below! 

Aquarius – electric, eclectic, your most eccentric partner yet! Welcome to the age of Aquarius where you either progress or digress if you can’t keep up. Electric with vitality & energy, an Aquarius lover is sure to keep you on your toes, entertained & doing all sorts of quirky new activities. Never a dull moment! This is especially true if their Venus is in Aquarius along with their Sun, Moon or Rising.

With a truly different approach to almost everything, they may also approach relationships the same way. They’re the first to want things to be boundless without definitions, so they might even prefer the relationship to be called anything but a ‘relationship’. To them, it puts it in a box with limits & as individuals who always want things to progress, limits is the last thing they want in love. If you’re trying to navigate your way through this type of an Aquarian connection, be patient but also express if you need more solid terms for your “relationship”. These are what we call the Uranian Aquarius types – but there is another…

The Saturnian Aquarius type is quite the opposite. This is someone who clings to the old ways, traditions, old culture & may desire a very traditional relationship in every sense of the word. They don’t desire so much to progress, but to preserve the old ways & keep them alive. This Aquarian lover will want the values in their relationship to be formulated around whatever culture & traditions they most resonate with & cling to. If you are with this type of Aquarius, learn these values & culture to better understand where your partner is coming from. If you don’t think Aquarius isn’t the most eclectic zodiac sign yet, then wait – there’s another type!

The Uranian-Saturnian Aquarius is the 3rd type. This is someone who is mixed in with both the new world & the old world & may at times struggle to be in this world. Keep that in mind when you’re with this day dreamer-go with the flow-social butterfly-entrepreneurial type! Oh yes, Aquarius is very creative & inventive – you may have lots of new experiments & projects scattered all over your house. You may find this Uranian-Saturnian type to be a little scattered as well, but do your best to either be their grounding force or flitter around with them. They are a ton of fun!

All 3 types bring their own excitement & romance to a relationship in a unique way & really want nothing more than to live the weirdest, most classically eccentric-kinda life with you!

photographer // Jane & Amber

planner // Kelsey

florals // Jane in the Woods

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