February 26, 2021

Virgo Full Moon in Sedona


Full Moon 8° Virgo
[ 2/27/21 @ 1:17 am MST ]

Today’s moon is all about the balance between feeling and analyzing. Maybe you’re the analytical mind in the partnership & your lovey is more feeling based. Maybe you both share the same qualities & it makes it oh-so easy to do life together. Either way, we bring the art of balancing into all relationships & this moon is helping us to see just that.

A Virgo full moon allows us to feel what we innately wish to analyze. This process can be likened to intuition which we’ll have a major boost in today! As you have your inner conversations with yourself & your external conversations with your partner, you will be able to intuitively know if what you’re working on is for you or not. This is particularly important when talking about your work or rather, your purpose. If anyone knows you & your dreams by now, it’s your bae! You will both have the beautiful insight to know for yourself & each other whether certain work is helping or harming.

This is a time to be there for each other & understand that one of you [ or both! ] may have walked down a certain road for a long time, & maybe this road is paying your bills! But having the understanding & compassion towards one another to switch gears, to walk down a new path that is more suited for each of you individually & collectively, is what is needed at this time. Today is a great day for productive conversation about the future & not judgmental conversation about the past. 

With all of that said, expression may not come out as succinct & pre-packaged as we would like. With the sun in Pisces, we are all going to experience more of an emotional response to these conversations & it’s important that we handle our partners’ spoken truths with lots of love! We are all going to be feeling into our value systems & that can be a vulnerable place to share from, however, we only grow closer together from being open & honest about what we think, feel & value. So allow today to be a time where you can let down your barriers & know each other even more to build your future together!

Full Moon To-Do for You & Bae 

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Day time date //

› Write a good old fashion love letter to one another that’s all about the above topics. Going on a hike, find a cozy spot in nature & read it aloud to one another OR yell out that dream at the top of your lungs, put it out there with each other!

Night time date //

› Go outside at night, lay under the stars and share with each other what you’d wish for if you saw a shooting star. Then create a little ‘joint dream journal’ where both of you write things down at random when inspiration hits over the next few weeks.

Thank you for sharing this magical day with us!


All of us at Jane in the Woods

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