March 28, 2021

March in Sedona // Full Moon Astrology


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This moon is all about illuminating our unconscious needs in our relationship. [ Or some of these needs may be conscious, but not communicated. ] You two may have a lot coming up today around finally communicating these desires & getting it all out in the open. The communication for the day is going to be entirely feeling based & charged around your beliefs about your relationship with your partner. For some, this might be a conversation filled with tearful expression while others may experience their tongue tied!

Be patient with yourself & your lovey as you both navigate this very exciting & powerful full moon that yearns for you both to get closer & closer. With the Sun + Venus in Aries, there’s true passion to be present with each other. You both may find yourselves easily expressing your innate feelings & all the new ways you wish to show up in your love life. You’re going to be getting a boost of explorative drive during this time that fills you with new ideas, ways of being, & experimentation! Lean into this & really let down any old, fixed walls that have kept the connection stagnate or distant. Now really is a time to explore!

These astrological aspects are also giving us a deeper look into our relationship’s purpose. Of course the purpose can be just because you’re head-over-heels in love, though you may also get an extra glimpse into other reasons the two of you are so magically connected. Allow the theme of exploring to guide you both to curious & rich reasons why your relationship is flourishing. Maybe you’re here to bring a family into the world, to start a business together, to remind each other how amazing you are – whatever it may be, be open to new ways of looking at each other & your dynamic. 

This full moon wants you to open your hearts up wide & release any aspect of the relationship that isn’t building it towards its brightest future for you both. Look at each other like you’re both filled with magic & endless possibilities because the fact is, you truly are!!!

E X T R A C R E D I T !

Create a loving environment by selflessly opening your heart & asking your partner if their needs & desires are being met. Treat their response as a precious part of your relationship, their answer may be fun or it may feel challenging but either way – have the willingness to show support in the way the need.

Thank you for sharing this magical day with us!


All of us at Jane in the Woods

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