Team Jane in the Woods

I created a wedding collective for the nature & art minded couple

Hi, I'm jane

where cultivating a rich & sacred life is of the highest importance.

I began an adventure in photography & art in Los Angeles 10 years ago. Quickly I realized that I needed to seek more & more nature so I wandered in search of home. In the process I found the worthy pursuit of making art with love & dove passionately into the wedding industry. Now I live in the most breathtaking place in the Southwest › Sedona, Arizona ‹

My photography & designs are so full of authentic, marvelous, & light-filled love because I choose to approach my work as an art form instead of mechanical know-how. Being in nature resonates so strongly with me & my soul. I am always looking for couples who feel that same connection and want some wildly amazing photos of their avant-garde, bohemian selves .  

The team I have assembled specializes in nature weddings based in art & we love magic. 

I'm all about all things enchanted & earthy 

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

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I am a wedding planner & outdoor event designer

I am a wedding planner & outdoor event designer

I'm kelseY FINland


My journey with weddings + design began once I realized i had a serious intensity for making things pretty. I find the beauty in all things with no detail too small. My design style is artistic, eclectic, & full of passion.

I have a sharp eye for detail and organizational skills that will create the foundation for a seamless event.
This is planning & design for the souls so wildly in love they cannot wait one minute longer to share it with the world. My clients always feel more like friends & that’s exactly how I want it to be.

I believe that love is wild and knocks you off your feet when you least expect it.

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

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Sedona Based
Associate Photographer


they are straight up magic

I grew up in both Santa Fe, New Mexico & Sedona - & then went to college in Flagstaff where I studied photography. [ So basically, I am as Southwest as they come! ] On wedding days, I pour every piece of technical knowledge I have into my work & combine it with the natural ease of nature. I love my job!

Equally obsessed with both your
adventurous wedding & your flowers

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

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Las Vegas Based Associate Photographer


always busy exploring the world & shooting weddings as i go

I usually have a camera in one hand
& a plane ticket in the other.

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 


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