Team Jane in the Woods

I created a wedding collective for the nature & art minded couple

Hi, I'm jane

where creating a rich & sacred life is of the highest importance.

I began an adventure in photography & art in Los Angeles 13 years ago. Quickly I realized that I needed to seek more & more nature so I wandered in search of home. In the process I found the worthy pursuit of making art with love & dove passionately into the wedding industry. Now I live in the most breathtaking place in the Southwest › Sedona, Arizona ‹

My photography & designs are so full of authentic, light-filled love because I choose to approach my work as an art form instead of mechanical know-how. Being in nature resonates so strongly with me & my soul. When I have a camera in my hand, things just feel right. I believe we all have a reason, this is mine. 

Always looking for couples who feel that same connection and want some wildly amazing photos of their avant-garde, bohemian selves!
The team I have assembled specializes in nature weddings based in art & we love magic, we want it all.

I'm all about all things enchanted & earthy 

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

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I am a wedding planner & outdoor event designer

Sedona Associate Wedding Planner

I am a wedding planner & outdoor event designer

I'm kelseY FINland



My journey with weddings + design began once I realized i had a serious intensity for making things pretty. I find the beauty in all things with no detail too small. My design style is artistic, eclectic, & full of passion.

I have a sharp eye for detail and organizational skills that will create the foundation for a seamless event.
This is planning & design for the souls so wildly in love they cannot wait one minute longer to share it with the world. My clients always feel more like friends & that’s exactly how I want it to be.

I believe that love is wild and knocks you off your feet when you least expect it.

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

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Nature is my muse in making your special day a vision of romance.

My style is elegant, romantic and inspired by each individual love story. 

I’m the right partner for couples looking to eliminate any worry on the big day. You have been planning, dreaming and creating and now it’s time to worry only about letting your heart dance into the next chapter. I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle! Let’s make some memories!

Sedona Based
Associate Photographer


they are straight up magic

I grew up in both Santa Fe, New Mexico & Sedona - & then went to college in Flagstaff where I studied photography. [ So basically, I am as Southwest as they come! ] On wedding days, I pour every piece of technical knowledge I have into my work & combine it with the natural ease of nature. I love my job!

Equally obsessed with both your
adventurous wedding & your flowers

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

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Sedona Based
Associate Photographer


I love the idea that i could take a simple photo & have it tell a story 10 years later

Hi, I’m Amelia I grew up here in Sedona with my 9 other siblings. Growing up in a small town with a big family was an amazing way to learn photography because there wasn’t much else to do, but I always had a camera and a sibling. There are so many beautiful moments and small details between the craziness of life and I love capturing It all. 

Sedona born & raised

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

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Las Vegas Based Associate Photographer


Big weddings or small, indoors or outdoors, urban or natural, I love them all! I'm truly so lucky to have this as my job.

I usually have a camera in one hand
& a plane ticket in the other.

I am all about all things enchanted & earthy. 

I grew up moving all across the country, so I never sit still. Las Vegas is currently home, but I travel so much, you'd think I lived in the airport! I earned my bachelors and masters in photojournalism from the University of Missouri, and I enjoy bringing an artful approach to my documentary wedding photojournalism. In my free time, you can find me practicing my arias and art songs, snuggling my furbabies, or rock climbing and kayaking with the love of my life, John. 

Let's make some magic together!!

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