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Geoff & Katie || Mt Pisgah Wedding || Flagstaff Wedding Photographer



Authenticity pours out of love like nothing else. That warmth & tingling makes you feel more present than ever, like the first time you heard Susan Boyle and you couldn’t help but tear up. In that moment you were super uncool & you didn’t care.

Katie & Geoff have been together 10 years. I’m sure that feeling has come up more than a few times. 

››› It really is lucky to be in love

Count your blessings and focus on those authentic moments of truth. And be thankful that you and your partner didn’t have to strategically & meticulously plan to study abroad in Australia at the same time just so you could be together!

This wedding took place on the beautiful property of the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, Oregon.

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