Cabo San Jose, Mexico

Justin & Lauren

Where do I begin....

I can't tell you enough how much I love these ladies that work at Jane in the Woods. They are crazy talented and so passionate about making your day everything you wanted. We had our wedding in Cabo, so I was a little nervous about organizing a literal vacation for everyone to come out with us. It was a breeze! Jane was so incredibly detailed on taking photos of the entire time that she was here with us. I also loved the detailed shots of the area, venue, and items that will always remind us of our wedding week. Not to mention the candid shots of our family and friends that I will always cherish. They were respectful of our guests but sneaky enough to capture everything we wanted. I really love that aspect! Kelsey, was an absolute godsend. Having a destination wedding is a ton of planning and organizing. I really wanted everyone to feel like they are getting a vacation out of the trip as well as being there to celebrate with us. The planning process was so dang easy for me - Kelsey literally kept telling me "Dont worry, I have that covered". She wasn't kidding. I felt like our wedding day was a fairy tale - a literal dream come true. Everything we planned turned out amazing and there was even little things that were pleasantly surprising that Kelsey put into place. I don't know what I would of done without her guiding me through this monster of a week. All of our family and friends are still raving to this day about the time we spent in Cabo celebrating our wedding. I give HUGE thanks to the Jane in the Woods team! It wouldn't of been the same without them.

Thank you!!!
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