September 26, 2014

Hunter Boots & Magnolias // Sedona Wedding Photographer


My favorite time of the year is any day I get to put on my hunter boots.

››› Next weekend I’m traveling to Oregon to shoot a Portland Wedding & then a costal elopement that I could not be more anxious for. The bride sent me the Pinterest board of her vision and it’s so Northwest in all the best ways.  it is truly the greatest gift to be able to make art with people [and wear your hunter boots while making it!] The Northwest fog will be so welcomed after flying out of Phoenix.

In other news, Sedona is actually an excellent place for growing magnolias and many other kinds of luscious blooms & greens. When I gathered these beauts [below] in the spring it was a little bitter sweet, Oregon is so full of lush greenery that any day is pretty much a good day to forage for a bouquet. So when contemplating moving to Sedona, I was very much looking forward to an intensely epic succulent garden but I figured my house would never be filled with quite as much woodland life. Looks like everything is working out wonderfully.

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