September 13, 2014

Casey & Morghan // Eugene Wedding Photographer




This is the account of a wedding I photographed in Eugene, Oregon. It was amazing and full of love.

Sometimes people are happy & in love. It’s a remarkable thing and makes my life wonderful.

››› This bride was such a treat. Between her stunning red wedding hair, walking down the aisle to Lana Del Rey [what I dream about!] or being just about the sweetest person ever, this day was joy. The wedding took place on their family farm just outside of Eugene in Cheshire, Oregon surrounded by Douglas Fir I just want to immerse myself in forever.

The gentle ease & flow of being a photographer in Oregon is such a reflection of the sweeping landscapes. Everything is so rich and the world feels so full of textures and light. Get ready for some luminous portraits in the trees.

The bride hand picked every single one of these amazing bridesmaid dresses!

This wedding happened on the family’s private farm in Cheshire, Oregon. The bride walked down the aisle to Lana Del Ray & everything was pretty much perfect.

jane in the woods - tree ring

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