April 10, 2015

Rachel & Andrew // Sedona Engagement Photos at West Forks


I really adore when a couple’s heart shows through. That is definitely what keeps me going and keeps me editing until the wee hours of the morn. Pushing further & reaching for ART ART ART. When I feel like I can catch a real & authentic moment in someone’s ›LOVE STORY‹. Isn’t is just SO COOL that we can live any kind of story we want & we can capture a moment in that story forever?! I am currently living the love story of my dreams & I am so blessed to make art of other people’s stories. 

Andrew & Rachel have been together for 10 years and there is something very real about people who have spent that much time together.

›››They are one of those steadfast & wholehearted couples.‹‹‹

I believe the greatest journey one can embark on is that of marriage, so to see two people who really get it elicits such an inspiring calmness. It was such a pleasant experience and the Sedona rocks were the most incredible shade of bright fiery orange-red. As I was culling and editing their film I found myself wanting to reaching out and feel this color. To me it felt like putting my hand in perfectly warm melting stone, & much like love it felt like home.

These photos were taken at the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon above Sedona, Arizona. [ N 34° 59′ 27.7819″ + W 111° 44′ 36.8669″] 

peony - jane in the woods

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