June 16, 2015

A Sedona Wedding in Black & White



blackline››› Lately I have been all about black & white.

That’s why I’m choosing to share today’s Sedona wedding with you in that way.

It takes me all the way back to the darkroom [second home] in college. Obsessing and painstakingly redoing all my film prints over and over and over again. I would just loose a whole day in there. No sound except the click of your timer and the quiet flow of the water bathes & hardly any light. Just the photograph. Looking back it was so nice to be able to spend that quite & contemplative time alone with my work. I would never trade it for the vibrant excitement that my work creates now but being still for a night at my desk in Lightroom with black & white images has  really helped me feel balanced in art again.

So enjoy this story! I always feel like I have to choose one, either black & white OR color and I can never decided who you’ll probably end up seeing the whole day in color as well!

These photos were taken at a couple places ||  Rachael’s Knoll, Bell Rock & Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona Arizona [N 34° 55′ 7.9481″ + W 111° 50′ 4.7058″] They were edited with VSCO preset TRI-X3++ for that super dark, rich & creamy look. 

jane in the woods - tree ring

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