July 31, 2015

// Prescott, Arizona Wedding Photographer


I hope everyone is doing well on this fine Friday!

It’s been a busy week here. I just got back from Denver, am visiting my family vacationing in Prescott, & Reilly, Fae & I are flying out to Portland on Saturday! It has been a whirlwind of traveling and I am doing so much more in the upcoming months.

Crazy + Awesome!

›Traveling is so important to our family‹ We are real adventure-seekers at heart.


I also wanted to take this moment of down time to share a super extra-special gift my bride & now friend Kali sent me! [Check out her swoon-worthy Oregon coast elopement here]

She & her man actually secretly eloped! As in, they told no one & then they sent out this extra sweet announcement tied up with a PCNW fern. So honored to have received one myself. 

& thank you to all my clients who share what they do with their photos. I absolutely love seeing what they become in your life. The little artifacts from your wedding are precious memories you will treasure your whole life.

These photos were shot in the woods in Prescott, Arizona [N 34° 32′ 22.7457″ +W 112° 28′ 3.8196″] with a Canon 5D  + Canon f/1.8 50mm & edited with VSCO Fuji400H

jane in the woods - tree ring

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