September 25, 2015

|| Eugene Wedding Photographer for Bohemian




I LOVE this wedding! & I’m really excited to be sharing it today.

››› The perfect mix of bohemia & peace with all the right people 

This is what a wedding should be!

From the moment I showed up I was so thrilled to be there I could hardly stand it. The greenhouse, all the wildflowers, the eclectic mix of dinnerware, the tablescapes, the fit pit & blankets.. I could go on & on. Her dress? Perfect. Her jewelry? On point. Her son’s handmade suit jacket? Just. stop.

Weddings are usually such a heightened rush of emotion but Claire and Josh were so stoic I felt really calm the whole day. The adrenaline rush from all the HUGE feelings of a wedding is something that usually takes me a day or two to recover from [yes, I will cry at your ceremony], I always aim to spend my weekdays in-between weddings in a state of as much peace as possible. It’s really cool to meet a couple who is so steady in the their love that it spread peace around the whole day, it definitely effects the photos.

Eugene Wedding PhotographerEugene Wedding Photographerjaneinthewoods18janeinthewoods24janeinthewoods06janeinthewoods15janeinthewoods09janeinthewoods16janeinthewoods07janeinthewoods19janeinthewoods28Eugene Wedding Photographerjaneinthewoods10janeinthewoods12janeinthewoods17janeinthewoods20janeinthewoods14janeinthewoods08janeinthewoods54janeinthewoods21janeinthewoods23janeinthewoods26janeinthewoods30janeinthewoods31janeinthewoods27janeinthewoods52janeinthewoods33janeinthewoods35

I’ve been pretty behind on blogging everything I shoot because I’m so slammed with jobs & we are traveling constantly but I wanted to make sure these photos got up and loved! xoxo

These photos were taken just outside of Eugene, Oregon [ N 44° 3′ 53.6162″ + W 123° 6′ 1.5601″] on a family property & edited in Lightroom using VSCO presets. 

jane in the woods - tree ring

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