April 8, 2016

Meet the Jane in the Woods Sedona Wedding Photography Team!




This is an incredible moment for Jane in the Woods & it is blowing my mind. 

Meet the team! Yeah, team, as in there are now three photographers [ & in case you are curious, we are rocking out hard] This business has grown so much over the last year it has become its own entity, [not just a solopernuer’s art project] its own brand & its own force of nature.

Jane in the Woods Photography is humbled & honored to offer three primary photographers at two different price points for weddings here in Sedona, all of Arizona & destinations worldwide.

The new girls, are truly killing it behind the lens. They are so phenomenal & I am lucky to be offering their services.

Just a short time ago, I was 100% against ever taking on associates because this company & the work resulting was so personally intertwined with my own artistic sensibility. I actually just didn’t think it was a possible route for an artist. I had decided it [always] would be a solo endeavor. However, the more I started shooting, I realized one of the most important aspects of my brand was the dedication to being creative in nature.  My own personal love for the outdoors combine with my couple’s true passion for adventure & soaking up the earth was what made the experience so incredible. Once I nailed that, I realized that Jane in the Woods could easily reach more rad bohemians than ever before & as for the new Jane in the Woods girls, simply put, they are on the same exact page.

› I’ll be posting more about them & their impressive portfolios soon so be on the lookout ‹

If you are interested in booking a session with them, head over to the info page to find out more & then send us a quick note!

jane in the woods - tree ring

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