April 22, 2016

Sedona Engagement Photos at Location Cathedral Rock || Sedona Wedding Photographer



This is honestly monumental. One of my dreams tied up with the big honor of photographing a Sedona local & I’m way way stoked to be presenting this.

I have ›such a bohemian at heart‹ & it has always been a struggle for me to keep my art on pace with my wild soul.

Enter Jordan and Kiera bringing on the Gypsie Vibes like no other.

That place where your essence, your work & your really huge dreams collide is a pretty choice place to be. I’m not mad about it.


This girl partly owns & operates The Urban Gypsies shop in Sedona. Definitely visit their amazing place on your next trip to Sedona!

These photos were taken on the stunning backdrop of Cathedral Rock in Sedona.

peony - jane in the woods

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