December 17, 2016

Reflections on all the Sedona Wedding Photos Past


Sedona Wedding PhotographerThis year › 2016 ‹ has been an absolute joy & whirlwind.

I cannot even really begin to unfold the many layers of stories I have but I think that is mostly because I’ll be seeing them all unfold naturally in the coming journey around the sun.

Sedona has brought many blessings & this bountiful year of inspiring weddings, love stories, and the resulting photography is hitting high on the list.

I am sharing just a small peek into the world of this year with more to come.

Sedona Wedding Photographer

It is truly the love that keeps me going. Seeing people in the middle of the most beautiful part of the magical human experience, their wedding day. That and this gorgeous landscape I am crazy-lucky enough to call home! The Southwest is my hero. I am really eager to see more Southwest inspiration come in the following year. Love it!

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