September 13, 2019

FULL MOON > 21° Pisces @ 9:32pm on 9/13/19


Full Moon 21° Pisces @ 9:32pm on 9/13/19

This Pisces Full Moon will bring about a bit of conflict in our emotional worlds as we are pulled back & forth between feeling practical & feeling dreamy. The Virgo energy is strong during this time with Venus, Mars & Mercury all in the 5th house telling us it’s better to work hard than to play. This can cause stress in people’s hearts & relationships as they navigate the strict limits the cosmos is putting on us & our loved ones.

But not to fear! With the strong, infinite love of Neptune conjunct the Moon in Pisces, big feelings of compassion for each other is by our side. Though we may feel on the rocks with our beloved, we will also have a greater capacity to lean into the struggles together & evolve through it, coming out stronger & more integrated than ever before! Just remember to take time out to go play with each other – go on dates, make one-on-one time, tap into the childlike curiosity that brought you two together!